J.B.'s Story


Jim Bindner, a true local and beloved member of the Pawleys
Island Community, had a dream to have a memorial park in the Pawleys island area. A place where families can go to reflect on their loved ones that have passed before them in a beautiful soothing environment. A place full of music and friendship.

Music was always part of Jim's life - from the community crawfish festival he hosted, to his vibrant restaurant The Grayman in the 80’s, his classic Ivory’s piano bar in the 90’s...the list goes on. He started more seriously down the road of commitment to a community park when his dad passed over a decade ago and he wanted a place to commemorate and reflect on memories of the life they shared, in addition to a place to continue to bring music and fun to Pawleys.

The last few years brought many losses to our area, which
sparked a fire in Jim to turn this idea of a community park into a reality. As he worked diligently on his vision for a memorial
park with trees, plants, flowers, and colorful benches dedicated
by families to those they loved, he also worked on how to
incorporate a musical venue into his vision. Ironically, after he had began putting all the pieces together, he became ill himself and passed before he could see his dream to fruition. His family and friends are continuing his work and with your help, J.B.’s Celebration Park will soon be a reality.


Our community not only needs a permanent park and
gathering place - it deserves it.


Designed to fill a void in the Waccamaw Neck, J.B.'s Celebration Park will include two central cohesive concepts: first, a central gathering place for a variety of events, and second, a Memorial Walk to honor loved ones we've lost in our area. Every community needs a central gathering place - a place where natural beauty, music, art, culture, and family activities come together, bonding the community in friendships and healthy fun.



Laughter, Love, and Solace

J.B.'s Celebration Park will serve as a multifaceted gathering place for art, festivals, and music. The park will be home to laughter, love, and solace for the families of Pawleys Island to celebrate the joy of life and the memory of those they've lost.

jbs celebration park.png

Ultimately, J.B.'s Celebration Park will be a place for our community to enjoy...

Open Spaces for Gatherings of Family and Friends

A Memorial Trail

Live Music

Art Exhibitions

Outdoor Movie Nights


Wine Tastings

...the sky’s the limit